LiDAR Data

PAMAP is an electronic map of Pennsylvania being compiled by the PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources (DCNR). As part of this program DCNR has collected high-resolution aerial photos and extremely accurate elevation data for the entire state. The elevation data was collected using LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology and processed into 2' contours. The entire state's 67 counties have been flown, processed, and checked for quality through the PAMAP program. Individual downloads of these files in ESRI Shapefile format can be accomplished at the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) web site for free. Over 13,000 10,000' x 10,000' tiles are available.

PAMAP LiDAR Coverage Map

OSGIS has developed several services and products to help more organizations use the PAMAP LiDAR data. If your organization has a need for LiDAR data but not the time or resources to fully utilize the dataset, OSGIS can provide the following: