PAMAP LiDAR Contours in AutoCAD DWG Format

OSGIS has converted all of the ESRI Shapefiles to AutoCAD DWG format to create a new, unique dataset to help more businesses use the PAMAP LiDAR data. These AutoCAD DWG files are capable of being used in AutoCAD 14 and higher. OSGIS has processed the ESRI Shapefiles separating the index and intermediate contours into different layers typical of most topographic mapping generated for engineering drawings. Elevations (Z) have been preserved in the transformation.

OSGIS has included a GIS viewer to easily search for your area of interest. The viewer utilizes a custom KML file within Google Earth so you can zoom, pan, and find the tiles you need. Using the basemap provided in Google Earth, you should quickly be able to find your project area.

Example LiDAR Data in AutoCAD Format

Gobbler's Knob, Young Twp., Jefferson Co. (jpg, dwg)
(Only a portion of a tile is shown due to the large size of the file.)
(Home of Punxsutawney Phil)

Cost :
The pricing for the external hard drive loaded with the LiDAR dervied contours in AutoCAD DWG format is as follows:

AutoCAD DWG files for over 13,000 tiles of the 67-counties are $599. This price includes the cost of the external hard drive (>250 GB), bulk delivery of the data, and GIS viewer. For a limited time, receive free shipping and handling with any order.

If you are interested in only one or two years of data, 2006, 2007, or 2008, the cost is $279 for one year and $449 for two years.

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You may also place an order via email or phone. Checks are accepted by mail. The hard drive will be mailed in 2 to 3 business days after receiving payment.